Chrissy Joy is a celebrity dog trainer, live performer, studio canine trainer, educator through demos and workshops through the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group. She began her career with a B.S. in Equine Studies – riding and competing horses. Her passion for working with animals only grew. Since then, she has become a trainer at BFF Pet Services and a nationally acclaimed dog trainer – winning the 2018 National Stunt Dog Championship and being ranked 2nd for National Dog Trainer of the Year.

The facility in which she trains, BFF Pet Services, includes balanced training theories which help dogs thrive with a positive attitude and mental and physical fulfillment. Chrissy Joy believes in satisfying a dog’s needs while offering areas of safe exposure and experiences to make them a confident and well-rounded family member. From the pet at home, the competitor, or live performer, she helps to improve each person’s training skills and communication with their dog. She enjoys teaching group classes, workshops, and offering private sessions (in person and online) through BFF Pet Services – Southern Maryland Dog Training & Sports. Learn more by visiting www.mybffpetservices.com.

Chrissy Joy is one of the Team Leaders of the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group. This group is an ever-growing roster and resource of dogs available through highly accredited animal talent agencies. Some of the jobs include Disney, Chewy, Paramount Pictures, NBC, ABC, HBO, Bravo, LIONSGATE, and so much more. BTG is the talent division of BFF Pet Services.

Today, Chrissy Joy travels nationwide with the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group – teaching workshops and offering demonstrations to inspire other dog trainers and owners to get involved with working their own dogs on set. Many participants have since appeared on film, commercials, TV, and print.

You may recognize her famous dogs – Beasley and Whidbey – as they appear on several nationwide commercials! Chewy, Wawa, PetValu, and more! Beasley will be appearing as a spy dog for Agent Toby Barks (2020) by LIONSGATE. Voice by Jon Lovitz.

Booking demos, workshops, performances or learning more about the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group is fully available to your own facility/club/group. You can learn more about BTG at www.boneafiedtalent.com.