Wonderful Whidbey is a purebred border collie from Eastwillow Border Collies. Whidbey, you say? It is a unique name! Chrissy Joy lived on Whidbey Island with her husband while he was stationed with the Navy. Whidbey Island a beautiful place of peace, hiking, and the best of memories. Also, did you know? “Whid” means “fast, quiet rapid pace”… and “bey” means “leader!”  It became the perfect fit for this talented pup.

Whidbey is climbing up right along Beasley’s ranks. He is the second youngest Champion Trick Dog in the world – achieving this at just 14 weeks old!

As a dog actor, Whidbey has already had lots of set experience as a young puppy. Some of his recent work includes working in NYC on the set of “The Good Fight” as well as being the star of the newest PetValu commercial and 2020 Chewy commercial. He is also well versed in live events and enjoys working with large audiences showing off tricks..especially his favorite… the skateboard!

When Whidbey is home, he loves learning more about frisbee, agility, and trick training. He also loves to fly down the local trails and truly believes he is a super hero!