Beasley is a rescue from Pennsylvania. He was adopted at just 9 weeks old and brought to his forever home in Maryland.  Chrissy has been dealing with anxiety and depression – and Beasley helped her manage and work her way to becoming happier and stronger through their training and bond.  Beasley was also found to have a lifelong debilitating disease – Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Beasley is able to thrive today due to careful care and manangement.

They both took quickly to enjoying trick training through Do More With Your Dog! programs. Today, Beasley holds many titles and can perform hundreds of tricks and stunts – he is a Champion Trick Dog, AKC Trick Dog Performer, and 2018 National Stunt Dog Champion.

Does Beasley look familiar?  It may be because he is a successful dog actor! You may recognize him from nationwide commercials! Chrissy and Beasley have also done appearances and worked on set for numerous projects including NBC, ABC, FOX, PetsMart, LIONSGATE, Animal Planet, Wawa, and more.

His newest film with LIONSGATE is Agent Toby Barks! Beasley is a the star spy dog with his voice done by Jon Lovitz. The movie also features Dean Cain and many other talented actors and animal actors. LTD Animals Extraordinaire is the talented animal agency for this exciting film. Releases April 15, 2020.

When Beasley is not traveling or working on set, he loves to hike and sun himself on his lounge chair on the deck at his home. He lives quite the pampered life!