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A Little About Us

Chrissy Joy is a professional dog trainer through BFF Pet Services, studio canine trainer, performer, and motivational speaker. She is avid about sharing content of positivity and inspiring others to become the best they can be – with their furry partner at their side through social media platforms, videos, and live events.

Our Lifelong Mission

We intend to provide a haven of positive content and entertainment that inspires others to do more with their pet. We inspire, encourage, and engage people of all ages and backgrounds to seek a healthy life with their pet and build a community that creates a ripple effect of our feel-good content.

Why Partner with us?

We focus on building a better relationship with your dog – which includes caring for them in ways of health, physical, and mental fulfillment.

If we believe in your product or service, we will give the utmost effort to create engaging and high quality content across multiple platforms for our wide variety of audiences. Our social media platforms are professional, educational, engaging, and build a community of resounding positivity all over the world.

What We Offer

We want to know your mission, passion, and goals with your brand. With our research and development, we can provide unique and custom tailored content to best help you reach your goals.

Our passion is creating high quality videos for YouTube and social media, high-res images, Instagram/Facebook stories, IGTV and Facebook LIVE, and TikTok content. We have flexible capabilities of hosting longer campaigns, contests/giveaways, lead generation and more followers to your brand.

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